1200. how long is now?

After nearly two weeks at H&M in Oslo I think I've got the hang of how things are done here.
I also feel alone, tired and I have an ache in almost every muscle in my body.
Especially my back and my feet.

But to look on the bright side of life, I've got money coming in, I have nice collegues and I'm going home to Arvika on Sunday.. You'll get some photos from over here on Sunday too.
Until then you'll get a photo from Berlin!

1199. it's beautiful, every little step they take

I'm alive.
Taking one day at a time and sleeping as much as I can.
Luckily I haven't got that much time to think about other things than sleeping, eating and working.
When I'm not doing that I'm either reading a book, knitting or I'm being pissed off because my computer "broke down".

Other than those few facts, there isn't really that much to say..
H&M is great though!