1290. carrots

It's been a while, I know, I've been busy, getting a job!
I signed a contract for a job as a sub/temp at pree schools here in Stockholm.
It feels great, finally earning money instead of just spending it.

I'm in the middle of one of my Kent periods, been listening to their album "Röd" all day long.

Btw, I really need something to motivate me, like a carrot.
Something to get me back in the game again. I haven't worked out or exercised for weeks now and I'm getting on the lazy-train all over again..

Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate some help.

1290. Relaxation

I've had a great weekend. Haven't done that much but isn't that the main reason we even have weekends? I bought some nice trousers to wear when I'm working, (only 199 SEK at H&M) and I saw this beautiful Adidas jacket at Stadium..but I didn't buy it.

Tonight they're playing "Äkta Människor" on the telly, which I will watch with great excitement, the last shown episode was really good.