1509. sky high

Had some problems with my lower back again today.
It feels a lot better when I stay warm though so I'm applying liniment and sleeping on my heating pad.
Today has been a long day starting at 8.15 am and ending at 8 pm.
The way it should be! I just have to get used to it.

Other than my back I'm starting to feel a lot better about myself in the dance studio.
Not just in terms of dancing but in how I feel about being there - mentally.
Will power.

Borrowed this picture from my mom's friend.
It's a view from a top floor window in my hometown at sunset (this afternoon).
Lovely isn't it?

A song for today, with such a funny video.

1508. a grand entrance

With sore muscles it still felt wonderful to dance today.

I'm going to be a bit fuzzy again -
I found some new things today (at the barre in ballet), and I hope I can find them again tomorrow.
I also found myself being really uncomfortable showing some of the movements I'd made, in front of the class.

That's something I have to work on, for sure. Usually I don't feel that way, but I guess I'm not as comfortable with the class (yet) as I'd like to be. I'll just have to make myself!

Next time I'll try to think of this grand entrance.

I do however have some nice news..
I'll be joining the class for the Thomas Noone project/performance next week!
Nerve wracking, but I'm also really happy about it.
We'll be the curtain raiser for Thomas Noone's company and Norrdans.

1507. get it in your head

Had a hard time today in school with keeping my focus.
Every little thing seemed to make me exhausted and I noticed how much being sick last week has taken it's toll on me. I did however find the day really rewarding. I felt like I finally understood some of the things that Danielle has been talking about. It may not be in my body or in my movements yet, but the fact that it's in my head is definitely a step forward. Once you know what you have to work on and understand what needs to been done, then you can finally do it. That probably sounded a lot more fuzzy than I intended..

A picture I took while on my walk yesterday.