1486. Horton Cunningham

This week all the students at the school have a holiday, but both me and Izabell are staying here.
She's teaching me some of the exercises the class are doing, for example Horton/Cunningham and Pain Free.
It's really helpful to have her teaching me, I feel very well taken care of. Izabell's actually the reason I got to come here from the beginning, so I'm very thankful and grateful to her.

1484. Cryptic

Sorry for being so cryptic lately.
I've been so confused and I didn't think it was necessary to confuse anyone else.
With everything that's been happening lately there hasn't been much time for computers or blogging.

So here's the story:
I went to Berlin to pursue my dream and become a dancer.
Berlin did however not work out (because of various reasons, ask me if you want specifics) and I found myself wondering what the heck to do with my life if I went back to Sweden. Luckily my friend and roomie Izabell had a place to go back to in Sweden, and she asked the head teacher if I could come with.
The teacher said this would be OK if I made a mini-audition for the programme.
This audition took place today, and after some harsh words and a lot of corrections the teacher, Izabell and I had a meeting. I got accepted as a student but on some different terms than the other students. We made another kind of deal. I will have to work a lot harder to keep up and catch up, since the class have been training together for a little more than two months now.

So here I am in Härnösand, the farthest north I've been in Sweden so far.
Which is actually not that far north if you look at the map of Sweden, it's kind of in the middle.