1467. homeland

I've been all over town today, running errands.
Bought a new pillow to bring with to Berlin among other things.
Also matched Jennies schedule and met up with her in town, ate lunch and had a wonderful time.
We always run past each other because we have such different schedules, so when we finally match we've always got so much to talk about. There's not a quiet moment.
Jennie is doing military service in Stockholm for the next three months so today was the last chance to meet each other before Christmas.

(I've been packing a lot too, but that's without saying really).

Oh Brit, you know exactly how I feel, waggling that pencil.
I just want to be on my way already!

Now I'm going to watch Homeland, see ya!

1466. you should know better

For those of you who live in Sweden or who keep yourselves updated on Swedish news, you know that there's a huge debate about the current laws surrounding rape going on.
The Court of Appeals in Sweden has just acquitted 6 teenage boys.
Having raped a 15 year old girl in a locked room over and over again, this is outrageous.
These are the kind of things that just shouldn't happen anymore.
How can someone ever get a court order in her/his favor when this can happen?

- Read this blog entry at http://kajjan.bloggo.nu (for the ones of you who can read Swedish, or if you like Google translate). I do really hope that they can appeal and get a new verdict.

I wished the court knew better.