1531. will power

Got a tough week ahead of me.
Focusing on keeping up the positive energy.
It's gonna take a lot of will power to get through this week with the pain in my right knee and the tiredness that just never stops..

Photo that my brother took when I was in Stockholm two weekends ago.
Visit his website if you're curious.

1530. feeling cynical

Was watching one of the rounds in the Swedish Eurovision last night with a couple of guys from class.
I think I ruined the experience for all the others haha. I just can't shut up.
When I watch "Melodifestivalen" (as we call it in Sweden), I have an unstoppable urge to blurt out what I think about everything. Not just the songs, the lyrics, the voice, the instruments or the chorus, but also the hair, the dress/the outfit, the scenery, the dancers, the choreography, the facial expressions.. Yeah, I think you get the idea.
I have an opinion about everything, and despite my try to discipline myself I blurted out a looot of what other people most of the time would think of as "unnecessary" comments.
I really tried to hold back though!

Next, we watched the movie "Treasure Planet" and I kept feeling the urge to comment.
Feeling so cynical and (what most people would call) bitter, I felt I had to leave so that the others could enjoy the movie. I'm still feeling cynical, thinking of the not so happy endings.
It's kind of like having Woody Allen in my head but with more paranoia and more cynical thinking.

One of my friends sent me this a while back, I think it's pretty funny.

1529. 2 days in Stockholm

I've had a wonderful weekend as predicted.
A weekend that I topped off with coffee with my dear friend Elin at Café String in Södermalm.
Now I'm reading my homework in dance history and watching a movie called 2 Days in Paris, while sitting on an almost empty train back up to Härnösand.

Me and Elin started talking about this summer (as Jennie and I have done now for a while) and we came to the conclusion that this summer is going to be a crazy but amazing summer with the three of us living in Stockholm. With time on our hands we're going to come up with a lot of crazy shit.
I'm looking forward to it already!