1546. it's all about

The weekend. Something I haven't really thought of but actually needed a lot.
Slept like 12 hours last night and today is going to be all about relaxing, unpacking and listening to music.

BTVS, Willow. 
I'm thinking I'll try to put up some more about New York soon too.. even though I know I'm like 3 months late on writing about it. Anyways, it'll mostly be about the pictures, which I have a lot of.
Now - ugly-dancing and unpacking.

See ya!

1545. in with the new

So with having a new phone I have to get a new hard case (the one I have only fits the 4S).
I'm thinking maybe you could help me decide which one to get?
These are the ones that I'm choosing between:

The Smiths, with a song that I love and a cool design.
Or Black Swan, which is an amazing movie and kind of gorgeous.
Comment if you have any thoughts on what you think I should get.

1544. won't you take me to - funky town?

Sitting here on Elin's bed, done with two out of three auditions at The University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. It's been two days of choreographies, technique and improvisation, and tomorrow I've got the last one  in the first round. The audition tomorrrow is for the Bachelor Programme in Dance Performance and I'm really looking forward to seeing what it has in store.

I've been quite busy since I came to Stockholm.
Helping my brother move (just a little bit), hanging out with him, Vini and dad in Sumpan, having a drink with Elin on Saturday, followed by fika with my sister, fixing my new Iphone, and a day of shopping with my brother, Vini and dad. I met up with Jennie yesterday to have dinner with her and Elin in Söder. Laughed a lot. They're crazy girls, but I love them.

I've also started looking at glasses, as I'm probably getting some reading glasses.
It's so hard to find a pair that feel completely right on.

A pair of glasses I tried on yesterday. Kinda funky, but I figure, if I'm going to wear glasses why not have some fun with it.
What do you think?