1596. it's a dangerous thing

I'm in constant want for more, just like most people in this society.
More experiences, more work, more money, more love, more happiness, more achievements, etc.. the list just goes on and on and on. Hopefully you can realize when to be satisfied and what to be happy about/with. I'm really happy about a lot of things right now, so the wanting comes in waves.

1594. no stress, please

I'm having a slow Sunday at J's house today.
We slept half the day and started off with a nice brunch at 1pm.
I have to get better from my cold so I'm not stressing with anything today.
This is my chance to get better and hopefully I'll be able to work out next week.
Still I have this gut feeling that there's something I need to do,
like there's something I've missed lately. But what could it be?