1590. the daily down

Feeling exhausted from today's gym session.
I'm not the one to complain though, I prefer this kind of tiredness, makes me feel more alive.
Tomorrow me and my brother are going to one of The Knife's shows on their last tour.
I've only seen them live once, so I'm happy to be able to see them one more time (the last time).

Just now I'm laying on the sofa, relaxing and fixing a few things on my computer.
It feels absolutely great to be able to relax this week, because the next couple of weeks will be, to say the least - hectic.


1589. keep it interesting

When I started writing this blog, it was in Swedish, and frankly much more personal than it is right now. I didn't write about my day so much as about the feelings I had and the (much ironic) poetry of it all. It's harder to write in that raw and much more vulnerable, honest way in English.

I'm thinking in which way I'm going to write here in the future, without losing the entire idea of me having this blog.
Lately I think it's been a tad boring to write, because it's just about my everyday life.
So, if you have any ideas of things I could do to make this more fun or interesting, feel free to write.

I'm waiting.


1588. the gym

I can honestly say that me and the gym haven't really been on the best of terms, since, well, ever. Today however, it felt really good to get started again. But Oh how I miss dancing everyday instead of this..