1514. On my way

Sitting here at Heathrow London Airport drinking a Starbucks hot chocolate and listening to music. I'm on my way to New York to spend the last week of my Christmas holiday, welcoming the new year.

And yes, I know I've been horrible with updates lately, I've actually been busy enjoy life.

This past week has been spent with my family in my hometown - my whole family (almost). Olle and Vinicius are back from living in Asia for six months. I've had a super nice time with them in Arvika this week, celebrating Christmas, shopping, playing games, eating, baking, dancing/singing and most of all talking a lot. I hope I can get away a weekend this spring to hang out with them in Stockholm.

Anyway, gotta go do some window shopping here in the duty free world of Heathrow. See ya in NYC!

Song for today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmJzLipDbIA