1257. there will be no white flag above my door?

Sometimes I wake up and there's already a song going on and on in my mind.
Mostly I don't even know how that song ended up in my mind in the first place.
Some days I think the song is there for a reason, it echoes what I'm feeling or thinking about.
But then again, I'm known for reading to much into things too..
Today is one of those days.

The song going on and on in my mind (that I also started singing it when I made breakfast???)
was/is "White Flag" by Dido.

1255. decisions

Sometimes we just have to make decisions.
Mostly because we want something, other times it's just because we have to.
Some decisions are harder than others.

Help me decide which iPhone case to buy?

Mal Solo iPhone CaseMal.
Muppet Alphabet iPhone CaseMuppets.Fringe - Minimalist Poster 03 iPhone CaseThe observer/Fringe.Unusual Suspects iPhone CaseFantastic Mr. Fox.Wes Anderson's Luggage iPhone CaseFantastic Mr. Fox 2.Wild Thing Max iPhone CaseMax, (WTWTA).Us and Them iPhone CaseUs VS them.Frank iPhone CaseFrank, (DD).Bill Murray.Fringe - Minimalist Poster 01 iPhone CaseFringe 2.