1318. free Friday

It felt great to actually sleep in today, I slept until 10.50 am.
I guess I really needed the sleep.
I haven't done much today - went shopping for some new shoes, and I came home with 2 sets of new underwear instead.. Which is just, well, typically me.

Tomorrow I'm going to this "Summer Party" at the little guy's kindergarden.
I think I will enjoy it, I enjoy almost everything here.
(The "almost" applies to the early mornings and the absence of my love).

I also miss my dear friend Mims (to the right above), and the laughs we always share when we hang out.

1140. day 6 - favorites

On Tuesday, we went to Sancoussi in Potsdam. Took so many photos, it's hard to pick out favorites, but here are some of them.

When we came "home" to Berlin again, we met up with Sarah, another couchsurfing.org member.
We were starving so we ate at an indian restaurant in her neighborhood..
Luckily for us, a street band kind of followed us from the corner near the indian place, to the café where we decided to buy coffee. Free entertainment, yay!

They were really good too!