1273. 8 - images I love.

Okay, so this part of the list really said "8 images I like", but I prefer to take it to the next level.
I'm not just going to put up my own photos, I'm going to mix it up with some photos other people have taken.
So, here are eight photos that I love and/or admire (the following is in no special order).

1. Photo taken by my brother, whom you can find at his website.
2. Tenerife, Los Christianos, photo taken by me, unedited.

3. This was a Robyn-tribute dance. Photo taken by Amanda Sjödin (I think?), at Arvikafestivalen, I am the one in the purple dress.

4. Louise at the garden of Schloss Sanssouci, Potsdam, Germany. Photographed by me.

5. Just next to the Berlin wall was this spelled out on the street.. In the photo that I've taken is also Louise's shoes.

6. The horses that Franzi cares for during the week, in Birstein, Germany. Photo taken by me.

7. Photo by the Flickr user named lola.mgc. I really like this photo because it has an energy to it. Visit her photostream by clicking on her name.
8. Another photo by my brother, a really cute one that I wish I'd taken myself.

1264. 7 - words describing myself

I actually forgot that I had this list going.. and that should probably be on the list too, haha.
Describing oneself is always a lot harder than describing someone else.
I guess we don't "look at ourselves" close enough, and sometimes we can't even admit our good qualities.
Anyways, I intend to be very truthful, as truthful as I can be about myself.

1. forgetful (yet very hard to forget;)).
2. thorough.
3. absentminded (goes well with my first quality, doesn't it?).
4. easily entertained.
5. antsy/restless.
6. clumpsy.
7. chaotic (depending on my mood).

1247. 6 - friends

Okay this one is kind of easy, isn't it?
I won't rank them or anything, so the order I'm writing them in is not of any importance.

Mimmi (Mims) Amberntsson, Louise (Lois) Johansson, Lina (Bre) Eriksson, Charlotte (Lottie) Gardefuhr, Freja (Frejsan) Sagvik, Elin (Elain) Malmgren.

I long for summer so much right now that it's about hte only thing that fills my mind.
What season do you like the most?