1335. sadness VS Gaga

So, it turns out I don't have an apartment to move into tomorrow after all.
I have no idea when I'm going to get the apartment.
So now I'm just holding on to the things that make me happy in life (Felix, dancing, music, Lady Gaga).
Without any of that I'd probably give up on everything just about now and get depressed.

Speaking of happiness - I saw Lady Gaga last night in the Ericsson Globe.
The show was amazing and Lady Gaga was better than I could've ever had imagined.

1328. Midnattsloppet

So I ran "Midnattsloppet" (10km) yesterday,  here in Stockholm.
It was exhausting, but not quite as hard as I'd though it would be.
Don't really feel like moving today, but I actually went out for a couple of hours earlier with Felix and two of his friends. I'm eating pizza tonight, which feels both really well-deserved yet really unnecessary.
I "should" continue eating healthy..

But tonight it's "to hell" with the healthy life-style I'd planned.