1284. stars forever

I think I'm kind of getting sick, again, hehe.
So today means eating like 3 lemons, staying inside the apartment and hoping for the best.
I can't believe I'm already bored with this though..


Going to town today, maybe some shopping and a movie with my sister.
I kind of really miss my friends in Arvika, I got lonely a lot faster than I thought I would.
As usual.

I've already linked Robyn before so here's just the song.
Google her if you want to know more about her career.

1258. like a sickly green moonlight

I wanted to get an early start today, but somehow
I managed to turn of my alarm in my sleep and wake up reaaaaally late.
Kind of typical isn't it? ..Anyways I'm going to have to clean my room and make some errands a lot later than I would have liked to.

I really like this photo of Dalí..don't you?
Btw, here's the song of the day, and some info about the artist.