1503. Berlin highlights 3. Company!

When going travelling I always think about the place I'm going first and the company second, which is pretty stupid considering that any trip with good company is twice as good.
I'm not saying that when travelling you have to go with somebody, because I actually enjoy travelling alone.
I'm just saying that the company usually makes the trip, not the surroundings. Even if you go alone, a trip is always better when and if you find the right people to interact with. It makes the traveller richer even though he spends money.

Berlin is a big city, we all know that, and big cities tend to draw a lot of different people.
During the five times I've been there (of which I've lived there twice), I've met a great variety of people and so many wonderful souls. Berlin is a great place to stay at hostels, couchsurf and/or visit friends, all of which I've tried/done in the past two years. A lot of the people I have met in Berlin are still my friends and I'm grateful that have them in my life. There are also a lot of people that you only see once and then never again, and it can still be amazing to have met them. Berlin is definitely the place to meet and greet new people.

Here's a couple of pictures of (some of) the amazing people I got to know and/or met in October.

Me and Izabell with Nathaniel and Dave from Australia. A night out when we were staying at the same hostel. (This was before we got the apartment).

Lovely Stephanie and Riia.

Almost the whole gang from school in Berlin.
Me and Stephen, both looking really tired.

Lunch with Riia and Hannah before our flight back to Sweden.

This is an old picture of me, Louisa, Eva and Hugo (most of the Berlin family).
I love this picture and didn't get the chance to take a new this time.
Louisa and Hugo have of course grown since this photo was taken.

I also spent some time with other "oldies" like Doris, Hanna and Steffi (unfurtunately no photos).
It's so nice to be able to keep in touch with them, but I wish I had more time with everyone.

I must of course mention the brilliant Izabell, with whom I've now shared so much happiness, sadness, weirdness and so many crazy things. Berlin wouldn't have been the same without you!

Here are some links with recommendations if you're feeling curious about Berlin:
PLUS Hostel Berlin.
Alternative Berlin pub crawl.
Alternative Berlin FREE walking tours.
Sandeman's New Europe pub crawl.

Here's one "last" photo, giving you a little more of the Berlin vibe.
I'm not sure if there'll be any more "Berlin highlights" at this point.
I'm sure this is enough though, it's so long!

1495. Berlin highlights 2. Food!

A Berlin classic would be to get the falafel or the Döner kebab. In our case we didn't eat it that much, we tried to find other places and also pay a visit to my old faves. There is a wide range of veggie, vegan and organic food in Berlin, unfurtunately we didn't visit that many of them this time. If you want advice on vegan and veggie food in Berlin then I know some places you could go.

We were surprised to find such good sushi in Berlin, one of the best I've had actually.

At my beloved Kaufbar in Friedrichshain with a mango lassi and a shokolade mit espresso. (Picture borrowed from Izabell's phone).

Soup of the day at Kaufbar. That day it was a delicious beetroot soup.
2,50 Euro pizza (Treptow), perfect size for one person.

Burritos at Dolores, Hackescher Markt, huge and actually not that expensive.

Frozen yoghurt is a hit in Berlin as well, but I can tell you that it's a lot tastier than in Sweden.
Here with fudge and mango.

Awesome schnitzel near Schlessisches Tor. Quite expensive but totally worth it.

If you know your Berlin, you can always find cheap beer and alcohol. I think the city has some good beer, if you know what to order.
We of course ate a lot more during our time in Berlin.
However, our top priority was not taking pictures of everything we ate, but at least you got a taste of what Berlin can offer food wise.

1375. Berlin and back

I had a fabulous time in Berlin during the past weekend.
I would go back there in a heartbeat, but this time I actually missed my bed..
And Felix, of course, but he is nowhere in Europe to be seen.

Yesterday me and Olle went to Kaufbar, my absolute favorite café in Berlin (or the world?).
We met up with my friend Steffi whom I had not seen since July.
I had a really nice time, both with her and earlier with Olle's friends.

Before lunch yesterday we went for a walk in Kreuzberg and the sun finally peaked through the clouds.

There were a bunch of swans on the river, beyond counting.