1322. Cold

As the weather is getting better again, I've gotten a really bad cold that I'll just have to work with..

I've booked the flight back home to Sweden, landing the 19th of July. Having spent just about 1,5 month here in Berlin I feel like it's time to go home. I miss my friends, my boyfriend and my family a lot, even the little annoying things about Sweden.


1321. gone

Felix went home to Sweden again today, after the ten most wonderful days of my life.
Couldn't help it, shedded some tears when I got home..
Right now I can't think.


But I'll see him soon.
And then I'll be truly happy again.

1320. two more

Three days have passed since my latest update, and I thought I wrote yesterday?
The days are passing by really fast here in Berlin.
On Friday (two days now!) Felix is coming to Berlin to stay with me for 10 days.
Hopefully the weather will get a bit better during those days..