1360. rainbows only occur when it's been raining

I love school, I really do, but sometimes people just get the best of me. Dancing is fun, and for me it's about expressing myself and moving my body to the music.

I don't like it when it gets so serious that I can't be inspired or express my opinions. Getting held back by someone else's ignorant or narrow-minded manners is frustrating and goddamn sad. I do not feel respected.

My mother is however coming to visit me tomorrow night, staying until Monday.
We're celebrating an early Christmas due to my brother being in London over the real holidays.
I hope it'll be a nice weekend.

1359. winter is coming, and it's coming fast!

This term at Kulturama has gone by without me even having the time to blink.
Christmas is less than a month away and I sort of feel like I haven't made that much progress yet in school.
I have only bought a couple of Christmas gifts and I have to get at least four or five more.

Not so fun facts: That girl who I was going to share an apartment with was a total bitch-skank and tricked me..so there will be no moving this year. I talked to my landlord and I get to stay in my apartment until the 15th of Febuary, 2013, which is such a relief! Now I can finally concentrate on what is important to me, Felix, and dancing.

Luckily my arm is a little bit better right now, and that is something that I truly cherish.
I can dance again!

1358. Back to the basics

Got a fever last night so I'm just watching today in school. I'm frustrated right now because it's so hard to sit and watch the street lesson.. The song mighty groovy, haha.

Anyways, guess what I've accomplished? I'm going to share an apartment with a girl next term, moving in the middle of December. One of the best things about it is that it's only like five minutes with the metro to Felix.