1384. happy, messy, pretty

Having lived in the house for four days, I am very happy with the situation.
The only thing that is bad is how messy my room still is..
I will have to fix it up during the weekend so that I can actually move and use my room properly.

I would like to have some day soon when I can feel pretty.
There is just no place for that in school if you're not into having to put on heavy make-up everyday when you're dancing full-time. Going around in my sweat pants and pyjamas pants all day long doesn't really give me the feeling of "Wooh, I'm feeling so pretty today!"

1383. I made my move

So I moved to Huddinge yesterday, and here I am, writing from my new home.
We had huge problems moving everything, because the house we are renting is on a hill..
We couldn't get the trailer to the house with my dad's car so we had to call for a tow truck to help us up the hill.
It took 4 hours for us to do what would have been just 30 minutes if it had been summer outside.
But I guess sometimes life tests us, and yesterday was one of those times.

Well, what can I say, it's a work in progress.
At least I made some progress today, there is not that much to unpack left.
And Felix came home last night, the one guy I've been missing for more than two weeks.
He came almost straight from the airport to Huddinge to see me.
Now I'm going to bed alone, but happy and tired.

1382. exhaustion, anticipation, imagination

So today's been a really long day, I'm exhausted.
It started off with ballet morning class, contemporary, lunch and then hiphop.
I went home, ate some sandwiches, fell asleep for 10 minutes and then I was off to school again.
Had a two hour jazz class and now here I am, tired as hell, longing for Saturday, when my love is home again.

I've got the Saturday Night Fever.. and not just because I watched the movie with the same title yesterday.
I need to come up with a way to make time fly.