1554. home sweet home

So I've had a fabulous week back home with my parents.
The first two days were spent in Eskilstuna, visiting my cousins and their new babies.
On Easter Saturday me and my mom headed back home for a nice Easter dinner with my dad, my brother and Vini.
Easter Sunday went by pretty fast, with a lovely picknick and a walk in the forest (with family members mentioned above). On the Monday me and my dad drove my brother and Vini to Karlstad where they took a bus back to Stockholm. We spent some time in Karlstad before driving back home, via the summer house where we hung out with one of my uncles.

The week went by so fast, but I've had a really nice time.
Spending time with family means a lot to me, and I feel like it's only recently I've figured out just how much. 

1552. Easter holidays!

Sitting here on the couch writing emails while listening to mom making dinner in the kitchen. It's been a great couple of days of holiday so far, being in Stockholm, Eskilstuna and Arvika.

More about the last few days coming up later/tomorrow.. think I'm going to take a nap now.