1518. and the higher you go you feel lower

I've been having a fever(?) for two days straight now, with a massive headache on top of that.
I've spent most of the past two days in my bed, listening to music non-stop, combined with writing motivation letters and applications for schools. And of course, sleeping A LOT.

A lot of M.I.A., Vivaldi and Ray Charles (weird combination maybe?) has been coming through my speakers.
This song on repeat:

1517. New York (highlights) - Getting there.

So I thought I'd put together a couple of posts about my trip to New York.
I must admit that when I bought my ticket to NYC, I didn't really think it through at first.
I had thought it through economically, but really, what was I going to do over there?
So I started making lists and asking people I know for advice on what to see, (eat), and do there.

It started with a drive to Oslo Airport (Gardemoen) with my father, brother and Vini. I took a flight to London where I had a 4h long layover (and the others went to Oslo for some sightseeing).
I spent my 4 hours at Heathrow Airport eating sushi, reading a book, using free wifi and drinking hot chocolate.
I got onto the next flight, that took me to JFK in 8 hours.
Arriving pretty late, Stephen met me at the subway station closest to his apartment.
We walked back to his place, making a short stop at a take out place where I bought myself something called a "Brother's Grimm". Funny tasting chicken wrap with raisins.. Anyway..

Now I was there, in the city that never sleeps, all by my lonesome, and I was loving it.

Better pictures coming up!

1516. later

Ok, so I guess I should write some about my trip to New York.
I would've written a couple of posts while I was there, but for some reason I didn't even think about it.
Well the reason obviously being, me being in freaking New York!
To be honest the whole week over there now seems a bit unreal to me.

So tomorrow morning (technically today) I'll write a post about parts of the trip and post a couple of photos.
Good night!