1614. the best you could do

Sometimes things come tumbling down and there's no real way to deal with it without actually going though them. Just don't let it swallow you whole.

This past week I've been having flashbacks, almost as real as the ones you see in your favorite tv show. They are very real, but also very much in the past. It's easy to forget about the bad things and cling onto the good. But you have to remember that everything  has a beauty and an ugliness. Without focusing and digging a hole for ourselves (that will be hard to get out of), in the happy memories - we should also remember why things turn out the way they do. Sometimes it's a choice we make, or a chance we miss.. But most of the time it's us, not being able or maybe not being ready to handle the situation we're in. Most of the time, if not always, we wouldn't be able to handle it better. Not in that time, because in that particular time in space we couldn't see the answer, we couldn't handle it any better because we didn't have it in us.

This we have to remember. In that particular time, we couldn't have done anything better, because at that time whatever we did was our best. It may have been making stupid choices, missing chances or not saying what we "should've" said. But it was the best we were able to do at the time.