1612. have courage, be kind

After a long nice weekend with J by my side, I'm looking forward to so many things this week.
I'm hopefully meeting up with a long gone (but not lost) friend, having drinks with another and maybe finally move.. (But don't get your hopes up, there's no trusting that it'll get done by the weekend).
By the way, have you seen the new Disney version of Cinderella? Me and J went to the cinema to see it on Saturday and, I think I kind of loved it. But then again, I'm a real sucker for superheroes, great stories and magical journeys. I do think they did the tale justice though, and the magically beautiful dresses didn't hurt either.

However, my week begun this morning with a Spanish seminar/class and a small but nice breakfast.
- Everything in life can't be as magical as Disney movies, but we can make life a lot more magical if we believe in magic.
"Have courage, be kind"
Without being stepped on of course, stand up for your rights!

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